New Year New Me:

Starting 2019 off with beginning a blog and trying something new. I haven’t done anything like this before so please bear with. Why start blogging? Well a few reasons come into this…

  1. Sometimes I see the negative side to things rather than the positive and I feel like if I get into the habit of writing, I can express my emotions without any harm.

  2. I want to take the right path in life as I have GCSE exams coming up soon therefore I want to stay concentrated and improve my vocabulary.

  3. I’m not trying this for the money or fame, I hope to make this a good habit and be proud of something I’ve tried – even if it doesn’t work.

I hope you enjoy all content to follow as the first topic I would like to write about is travelling/holiday; this includes a flight, cruise, hot sunny beaches and much more. I would also write about passion for sports and teenage problems: including boyfriends/girlfriends and friendships.

Personally I would like to stay anonymous for the time being as I wish to improve my confidence in writing. I’m not quite sure when I will specifically be uploading these blogs but I like to make sure things are perfect (which may take time) and soon will make a specific uploading time so you can read straight away. I apologise if I magpie anyone’s ideas but I will try to read as much as I can so I know what a blogs expectations are. I would love to answer some of your questions and read advice to starting the blogging world and would also appreciate honest opinions from you all.

’til next time xo